Sunday, 7 May 2017

No egrets...


So I decided to do a heron sculpture in the same style as The Last Elk I did previously, but with some slight modifications to the design.

As you can see, I kept the triskelion motif, and am using it here as ripples in the pond where he stands. As in the previous piece, I lept the ground looking fairly real, and stylised the character itself. In order to make this, I decided to 3D print the body, head and base on my home 3D printer, and then use bronze rods for his legs and neck.
ZBrush model

Head detail

The guys in the Bronze Art foundry added a ceramic shell to the 3D print, and then burned out the printed PLA material, effectively bypassing the moulding stage. They did a lovely job with it too, I'm really pleased with the outcome. Special thanks go to Jamie, David and Ciarán!

The patina on the body is eggshell in appearance, lending a delicacy to his overall design. It's the first edition of a possible nine. If interested in buying this piece, let me know, it's for sale!

Hope you like it!


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