Friday, 31 January 2014

Just what type-o post is this...?

Typos. Gotta love 'em. Sometimes they work in your favour, more often than not... emm... not. But let's face it, on the rare occasion when they do, they should really be celebrated, because quite frankly, you're going to get burned by them 98.3% of the time (little known fact that. Also made up on the spot). So... in order to keep a record of fortuitous typos, and now that I have a shiny new blog <blows hot breath onto his elbow and gives blog a little rub>, I thought I'd keep a log. I can't take credit for all of these of course, but, you know what, I can always just turn comments off and claim credit for all of them - so who's gonna argue? Bam! That's a win right there.

I'll update this with more if I happen to stumble across them, and hopefully one day some of them will make it into the mainstream pop culture and I'll make my millions. That'll be the end of this blog my friends, as I'll no longer need an audience (he said, actively insulting the one person actually reading this).

Anyway, enough rambling, so far my favourites have been (and these are presented in no particular order):

 adjective \sˈek-s(ə-)lənt\

Usage: - "That's sexcellent news."

For when news is really great and can only be described by comparing it to excellent sex.

Origin: an instant message to a co-worker

Notes: More a "Note to self", be careful who I use this one with...

 noun \ˈmīt-ˌmer\

Usage: - "... what a bleemin' mightmare."

: For when things could potentially go horribly wrong, but might still turn a corner...

Origin: an instant message to a co-worker.

Notes: May be too early to tell how useful this one proves to be. Will keep the blog updated on this one*.

* If you believe that, I have a small car I'd like to sell you. One careful previous owner. Think she was a nun.


Usage: - "How flustrating was that?"

: For when things become so frustrating, the only thing you can do is get all flustered about it.

Origin: a mispronunciation to a co-worker which then became a valid word which both parties agreed could and should be used again.

Notes: Variations are welcome. Flustration, flustrated, to flustrate, etc. All valid and useful variations and all accepted without quibble**.

** written purely because I wanted to use the word 'quibble' and I don't get to say it much.

 adverb \ˈnā-bē also ˈne-\

Usage: - "That's a naybe, at least until I know more."

For when you want to say maybe, but don't have enough info just yet and have to make it a "nay" instead, until such time as things change.

Origin: stolen from a co-worker with a brighter mind than mine. 

Notes: Has the potential to be used often, with the added benefit of covering your bases - "w-e--e-ll... I did say naybe!".

Monday, 13 January 2014

Something tribal...

So. The stark realisation has hit me that you can, in fact, use a blog as a way to store work-in-progress stuff and just update it as you go along and complete it when... well... whenever it gets done. Bit of a face-palm moment right there. Here's me setting up a blog and then not even using it right. Like some kind of super-idiot (which - I've just decided - is an idiot with the body of a fool, and the mind of a moron).

Anyway, here's something I'm sort of making up as I go along. It's gonna be sumfink tribal, but I'm not sure if I'm going to go with more characters, or even how far I'm going to push this fella... (I get bored easily and will probably move on to something else)
Guess we'll see!

Anyway, that's all for now. He obviously needs a lot of work, but it's a start. And this blog was always intended as a dumping ground, so...

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Let's "face" it, caricatures are fun to do...

ZBrush is fun. Lets face it people - it's fun! Caricatures are fun too. Together...? Well, it's probably the most fun you can have by yourself. Sort of. But mostly in a not-at-all-kinda-way. I was just sort of saying stuff because I need some filler text here so this doesn't just look like another dump of some old work in order to get a new blog post out. Which it isn't.
- Honestly.

Anyway, here's a few caricatures I've knocked up in the evenings. They generally take an hour or two to create, all told. Am considering doing more just because they're such fun.

Good old Sly. I did have a turnaround video up, but inserting a google (youtube) video into a google blog via the "My youtube videos" link on the design page doesn't work. So yeah, go google. You rock. <grumbles something about how he should've used wordpress for the blog>

The incomparable Mel Smith - loved him!

Mr Hugh Laurie - comic genius in a more serious role!

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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Oh deery me...

Well, as the blog is so empty, I thought I'd better still filling it full of fluff... er.. I mean fluff it up with some filler... no, wait. I mean fill it up with some carefully chosen, much considered content (ooh, alliteration people, aren't I just treating you!), which, by the way, is in no way me just throwing up random renders of old models and paintings I happen to have on my hard drive. Honest.

Stag-gered by how old this model is...?

More filler...

A crappy cassowary render, made in a ZBrush class

Can someone say 8 years ago? Oh wait, I just did. This was a little kitten I had for a while. Rusty was her name (and peeing in the corner was her game - apparently).

Why the long face? I'm horse telling you this is a strapping young fella. Okay, I'll stop now.

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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Photographic experiments...

Photography - well, seeing as I'd bought the camera and all...

So, a while ago, the kind people at Brown Bag Films decided it would be pretty cool if we did our own little photography lessons in Brown Bag for those interested. Needless to say, there was a good uptake. The challenge was to emulate a famous photographer's work, so I chose Sally Mann. The following is the shot I came up with. Some photoshop involved obviously, but it was an interesting experiment all the same. Miserable failure of a thing compared to her stuff, but hey, it was my first and only attempt.

Aoife Giles was the tutor that came in and taught us over 10 weeks. We did several little assignments, the most fun one for me though was making our own pinhole cameras and developing the photos ourselves. Made using a tin of coffee, some tin from a can of coke, a piece of paper, some duct tape, and a small strawberry harvested by a blind albino monk with a limp in a small Tibetan village in a place accessible only by donkey-drawn cart*, we hand fashioned cameras and set them up for photos in Smithfield here in the heart of Dublin (the fact it was just around the corner from the office being purely coincidental). Anyway, here's the result.

* Okay, so one of those ingredients wasn't real. I'm not telling which though - like to keep it mystical me... 

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Winter of the Houseless Wanderer

And so, in the spirit of kicking this off with some images of some sort (to avoid the bland drudgery of having nothing on here if nothing else), I thought I'd throw up a few images of some stuff I've been tinkering around with lately. They're all done in ZBrush, which is my new all time favourite app. I actually bought a copy about 8 years ago at Siggraph, but sort of let it lie there, updating it from time to time (thanks to the AWESOME guys at +pixologic who have been providing free updates since then). Lately they're released features that just about make it the most awesome* application around today. ZRemesher and Dynamesh combined make it the most easy to use and flexible modelling package I've ever come across.

Anyway, on to some stuff I've made with it. First up is a study of a sculpt by the wonderful John Henry Foley (creator of the Daniel O'Connell statue in the centre of Dublin) called Winter Of The Houseless Wanderer. It's housed in the National Art Gallery of Ireland here in Dublin. As you can see, it's such a strong piece and is easily one of my favourite sculptures in the gallery. Soooo.... as you're allowed take photos there, I took a few with my phone...

... and a few days later did the following study of it based on those photos.

This is the result. The more I looked at it, the more I was in awe of the original piece. This was sculpted in ZBrush on Christmas day, and rendered in KeyShot. Getting a likeness was hard as this was my first attempt at classical sculpture, but I'm reasonably happy with it.

Anyway, hopefully you like it!

* (I've used that word twice now haven't I? - wellllll, it's totally warranted)

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Titles, eh? Will "Intro" do?

So apparently all the kids are blogging these days. And by virtue of starting one of my own, I am now, somehow, somewhat loosely associated with the same. Right? ... right?
I think I just saw a grey hair go blonde again... it must be working.

Anywho, I guess I'll be using this as a place to dump some sketches and whatnot, and do other bloggerly related things (which are things, I'm sure, that given time, I'll come to discover).